BJA Mentoring Platform

The BJA Mentoring Programme

The BJA is ideally placed to offer this service as a member value added benefit drawing on both business experience and knowledge of the jewellery trade.

As all members abide by the BJA Code of Conduct this in itself acts as a form of quality assurance.

Members will be able to put themselves forward as mentors. At the same time members can apply to become a Mentee.

Types of mentoring to be offered

Any BJA member can apply for mentoring irrespective if they are a new or existing company. Typical topics range from start up and  business development to specific areas such as finance, marketing, legal and human resources.

The BJA Mentoring Committee

The Mentoring programme is managed and operated by Gordon Hamme supported by Simon Rainer and the BJA office team. They will be responsible for vetting the Mentors, dealing with Mentee applications and the introduction of Mentees to Mentors.

How it works